URSA Glass wool with alu foil 24 sqm

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Length, mm


Width, mm


Thickness, mm


Heat and sound insulation

Special material for thermal insulation of rooms with high humidity, including baths and saunas. It is a combined two-in-one solution: one side of the mat is covered with aluminum foil, which serves as a vapor barrier, and also reflects heat radiation inside.The material is safe for humans and the environment and is recommended for use in children's, preschool, medical and preventive institutions and in the food industry.

Application areas / recommended

Thermal insulation of the walls of baths and saunas

Thermal insulation of the balcony/loggia using mineral insulation

Roofs made of frame sandwich panels

Frame cladding of walls and partitions

Floors on logs, floors on beams

Application areas / acceptable

Insulation of industrial equipment, air ducts, pipelines